Girls Trip – Movie Review


Girls Trip


Directed by: Malcolm D. Lee

Starring: Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Larenz Tate, Kate Walsh and Mike Colter


Rated: R

Run Time: 2h 2min

Genre: Comedy

4 Frames out of 5

By: Shari K. Green


This movie is, simply put, raunchy fun hilarity!!  If you need a pick me up for any reason, go see Girls Trip… it heals what ails.  By the time it’s over, you’ll not only wish you were on a trip like this but that these were the people you were on the trip with.  That’s one of the biggest reasons that the movie is so good.   The chemistry between these wonderful comedic actresses is a perfect mix.  Their timing is right on and you will want to see yourself in the middle of the pack having the time of your life… even when times are a little bad, you’re all hugging it out at the end of the day.


The story centers around a group of women who have known each other for, well, women never tell their age so we’ll say a few years (ions).  However, as often happens, they’ve drifted apart and haven’t seen one another for quite some time.  They were so close once that they even had a name for their crew, Flossy Posse, and they loved to do everything together.  They studied together in college, always dreaming of being the best they could be, but more than anything, they partied together.  Hard.  When we meet them, as predicted, they have all become successful but most of them have now met a difficulty they’re trying to overcome.  Sasha (Latifah), is a blog writer for a website similar to that of TMZ and is trying to keep her job.  Lisa (Smith) is a divorced mother of two, Ryan (Hall) is a celebrated writer whose husband, Stewart (Colter), is cheating on her.  And then there’s Dina (Haddish).  Dina is the wild and incredibly funny single woman who doesn’t have time for difficulties.  Not a thing would bother Dina and, to be honest, her incredibly alive, witty, dirty and playful performance is, by itself, one reason to see this.  In one scene, she lovingly gives her crew some pointers in the sex department and shows them how they could ‘grapefruit’ a man.  Don’t have anything in your mouth at this point of the movie… you just might choke on it.

The story line might bring one to think that this is just a retelling of another film from this year called, Rough Night.  I assure you, they are nothing alike and of the two, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that if you’re basing a decision whether or not to see this on your feelings about Rough Night, you’ll be missing what will go down as the most hilarious films of the year.

The women used to go on an annual trip to the Essence Festival and Ryan is being asked to be the Keynote speaker this year.  Needing some love from her girls, she asks them to go come along with her.  Not only through them can she feel the love she’s missing right now, but she would like to rekindle their friendships for the sole purpose that they made her the person she is.


The laughs, the fights, the Absinth hallucinations continue on through the festival to bring us to moments of rediscovery.  By the end of the festival, each member of the crew will depart a better woman.  Each actress involved in this movie leaves with a bigger career.  This is one of the biggest comedies made in a long time and to their credit, their obvious respect for one another and ability to get out of the way and let the zany come from who was best for the given moment made it that much better of a movie.  This formula worked.  It needs to continue to work.  This cannot be the only thing these women make together.  I, myself, would like to know that they are in contract negotiations to make this a regular thing.  Go see this immediately and if possible, bring a friend.


About Shari K. Green

Shari became fascinated by films when at the age of seven she saw a movie being made in front of her house. As a teenager she immersed herself in the culture of film working on stage and then became a cinephile, working in a video store. Since then she expanded into film criticism writing for the last eight years and she has now written, directed and produced several short films and is currently working on a feature film project with her production company, Good Stew Productions, which she created with a few of her friends. Her favorite movies are “The Big Chill” and “Lonely Boy” and she enjoys watching Woody Allen films above all others.

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