Alice Lowe’s Horror Comedy “Prevenge” Coming Soon on Shudder

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Shudder, for those of you who aren’t aware, is a premium thriller and horror streaming service backed by AMC Networks.  They’ve just announced the addition of the Venice and Toronto Film Festival hit of Prevenge, a dark comedy about, of all things, pregnancy.  I, for one, am excited and cannot wait to see how this is managed!  In the hands of a woman, which makes perfect sense, this has got to be an incredible story to watch unfold.  Writer of the screenplay and basing it on her own pregnancy, Alice Lowe is making her directorial debut and if that wasn’t enough, she’s also chosen to star in the feature.  It’s receiving critical acclaim in every festival it’s featured in and has even garnished Lowe a Best Director award.

In Prevenge Ruth, a pregnant woman, suddenly and out of the blue, starts murdering people.  What would make her all of the sudden turn into a maniacal killer… the unborn child, of course?  It doesn’t like the idea that daddy is gone so it expresses itself by seizing control of mommy and going on a killing spree.  It even speaks to Ruth from the womb, instructing her on what to do.  Ruth, after seeing what she has done, has a hard time dealing with what is going and now, ultimately, what to do.

The film will be available on the premium thriller, suspense and horror video streaming service and play theatrically in New York and Los Angeles from March 24th, shortly after screening at the South By Southwest Film Festival.

With multiple exclusives premiering on the service per month alongside a rapidly expanding collection of genre favorites, Shudder is deeply committed to bringing the best of horror and suspense to all of its members.  Shudder GM Linda Pan said: “PREVENGE wowed us with its unique, masterful and darkly comedic take on the fears of an expectant mother and is a fantastic addition to the growing Shudder slate of exclusives. Alice Lowe’s debut shows she is a genuine talent, and we are thrilled to welcome her to the Shudder family.”  Alice Lowe said: “I can’t think of a more perfect home for my other baby, PREVENGE. As a dedicated and genuine horror film fan as well as a filmmaker, Shudder’s strong mission to showcase genres within horror made it the only choice for the film.”

PREVENGE was produced by Western Edge Pictures for The Gennaker Group. The deal for the film was negotiated by ICM Partners and XYZ Films for WEP and the Gennaker Group.

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