Ready for more Disney Princess goodness? “Enchanted” sequel in the works!

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Disney has a new title for the anticipated sequel, “Disenchanted”


In one of the more exciting news articles I have seen come across the wire today, the one that really jumped out was this one from the folks over at Collider. According to the article, the momentum is building for the sequel of the 2007 hit which brought the earworms of Alan Menken’s tunes, showcasing Amy Adams to a broader audience.  The working title to “Enchanted 2” is “Disenchanted”. Something suggests that all is not well in the world of McDreamy and Giselle-dom? Or maybe Narissa rises up for more trouble?

Regardless, this is a great film to have in Disney’s live action fairy tale slate and we will be keeping our eyes and ears out for more info. Click here to read the full article.

Are you excited to see the sequel? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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