The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Movie Review

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Ralph Nadar

Directed by Morgan Spurlock

Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 90 mins
Genre: Comedy/ Documentary
4 frames out of 5

For any film to be made you need money. Lots of it. Where it comes from could be a variety of sources, but what if you make a film with built in advertising?

From the guy that brought the world such films as Super Size Me and Where in the World is Osama Bin Ladin?, Morgan Suprlock’s latest subject to tackle is product placement in films and how much does it really influence the consumers of America?

Interviews include such notable figures such as Donald Trump, Ralph Nader, J.J. Abrams, Peter Berg, Brett Ratner, just to name a few.

Spurlock presents what can be a very boring subject to most of us that are not in the world of marketing and advertising, into a comical, entertaining educational poke at the people that shell out big money to get their products in our hands. As for someone who works in the world of marketing and received my college degree in advertising, this film should be shown in all marketing/ advertising classes in all U.S. universities. People in general don’t get marketing, whether it’s geared towards them or if they are in business to get their message to the masses. This gives you a peak behind the curtain and helps give transparency to an often murky industry. Not to say that marketing or advertising in film is a good or bad thing (I personally believe that if utilized through proper channels, it can be a great thing) but the way that some advertiser’s methods are questioned and can be improved on.

Things to watch for: How many products are mentioned in a span of 1 minute; crazy if you actually pay attention. If Spurlock was writing more TV spots for products, I wonder how much sales would jump at his crazy viewpoint on selling a product. Example- POM Wonderful spots – awesome.

Who should see this movie: People that working in marketing & advertising, Aspiring Filmmakers, Fans of documentaries & Fans of Morgan Spurlock.

See it in the Theater or Rent it on DVD:
Entertaining enough to see in theaters but a must have to see on DVD if you miss it in theaters.

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